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Trance has gotten somewhat stale in recent years, perhaps justifiably so. Lost in a sea of Goa, or relegated to some nameless box of white labels in a DJ record case, the inevitable use of the same keyboard preset sounds and post-Klaus Schulzian sequencer tracks has made most trance regrettably interchangeable. Apparently the fine folks at the Blue Room label take their musical charges very seriously, since they have been purveyors of some of the finest 'post-trance' of the last decade.

X-Dream is high on its own supply, ripping apart the innards of their equipment to tear at the fabric of trance with eight slices of imaginatively produced, hypnotic spears of synth-slam. The title track sets the pace, upping the beats-per-minute quotient by virtue of its whooping crane electronics, SWAT-team background FX, and propulsive beat. "Electromagnetic" sets turbo-blast whistles and submarine pings throughout its' bass-heavy sonar nets. "The Frog" uses those reptilian vocal sounds as a means to build up a ferocious jungle of rhythms, eventually becoming consumed in its own throaty maelstrom. Meaty, beaty, big and bouncy, X-Dream provide aural sinew for both the body and brain.

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