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Of the three albums of rare/unreleased Siren that have come to light on the DJC label in the 1990s, this is the most conventional and least interesting. Siren take a pedestrian, somewhat low-key barroom blues approach on most of the numbers. It sometimes brings to mind those journeyman traditional blues efforts that Jeremy Spencer would occasionally sing on the least impressive tracks on the early Fleetwood Mac albums, when you wished the band would stop horsing around and get back to business. Coyne's lyrical idionsyncrasies only poke out occasionally, as on "John the Baptist." Only "Wait Under Dark," with its haunting slide guitar and anguished vocals, cuts it as first-rate British blues. Most of these 1969-70 tracks were previously unreleased, although "Stride" and "Mandy Lee" showed up as singles tracks in 1969 on the Dandelion label.