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QY20 Songs

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Ben Jacobs takes an experimental attitude on this odd and uneven EP, by showcasing the Yamaha QY20 music sequencer as his sole instrument for three tracks, skipping along through various presets with a "look-what-I-can-do" attitude that doesn't necessarily make the material any better to listen to (if the idea of a one-instrument showcase suits your fancy, check out the far superior compilation on Grand Royal Records entitled At Home With the Groovebox). The entire EP comes across as a cheap demo that never developed any further and leaves the listener with a bland and sterile taste on the ears, in spite of a very busy and playful song structure. The third and final track on the disc, "Chimes Corner," takes a smarter approach by using fewer of those dry samples and instead achieves a mildly contemplative mood with electric piano and distant fluttering string sequences at 440 bpm. It gives the listener pause, and shows Max Tundra "thinking outside the box," as it were. This is not to say Jacobs takes a lazy approach to the EP, but rather he spent so much time programming the thing that the overall sound doesn't connect, doesn't flow, and illustrates what happens when you take the human element out of electronic music. QY20 Songs could have been twice as good with half of the self-imposed limitations, but artistic expression doesn't have to please anyone but the artist. Perhaps Ben Jacobs is very pleased indeed.

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