Quoted Landscape

Koji Asano

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Quoted Landscape Review

by Fran├žois Couture

Koji Asano's albums are consistently puzzling for three main reasons: the utter strangeness of the sound art they contain, the total lack of information as to what it is/how it has been produced, and the elusiveness pertaining to the why it has been done like that (i.e., the artistic intention behind it). Then again, their interest lies in the fact that these three topics remain unanswered. Even for a well-intentioned listener, Quoted Landscape is one of Asano's hardest works to appreciate. There is simply nothing enjoyable about it on a sensory level and very little on an intellectual one. The 72-minute track could have ended after ten minutes and nothing would have been lost. The piece seems to be a reflection about nature and technology. The sounds you hear sit on the fence separating wind blowing in a microphone (which evokes field recordings, something absolutely compatible with the title "Quoted Landscape") and electrical wind (like teasing the input jack of an amplifier with a guitar cord). The piece is not static in itself, but variations are limited in terms of range and variety. The wind/electric sound interferes at random moments, soft or loud, but after a few minutes all possibilities have been heard and things run in circles. Definitely not the place to start in Asano's discography, Quoted Landscape is better left to the die-hard fans with money to throw away.

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