Riff Raff

Purple Icon: Chopped Not Slopped

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The argument about rapper Riff Raff is whether he's dumb and stoned, or dumb and stoned like a fox, but if hiring ChopNotSlop founder O.G. Ron C. to do the remixing on this screwed and chopped album is any indication, it's the latter. All damn day it's the latter, since Riff's already worked with the sub-genre's other living remix king, Michael "5000" Watts, and for those who don't know, screwed and chopped is a style where songs are slowed down and slightly remixed, with the late DJ Screw the genre's beloved pioneer. This hallucinatory and syrupy sound appeals to those who drink that purple stuff called "sizzurp" or "drank" (codeine and fruit drink), but kids should know that ruining their life ain't necessary to get a drippy fix off this draggy slab of gloss. Songs like "How to Be the Man" and "Tip Toe Wing in My Jaw Dinz" now sound like woozy, stuttering juggernauts who stumble into walls and jerk as much as stomp. That's it really, and for those looking for something "different," it's certainly enough, but the album works even better as a conceptual piece, as its only physical release is on the very non-2015 format of cassette, plus the tape is colored purple. Somewhere in heaven, DJ Screw is looking down and saying "WTF?!"