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Philippine metal/hard-rock band Pignose has a sound distinguished by its precision riffing and group interplay, mostly taking their cue from American metal band Metallica. The group consists of a vocalist, two guitarists, bass, and drums. In 1996, Pignose released their debut PUNKOGROOVAHLISTICALPSYCHOMUSAK. The album's opener "Hold," is much different than the rest of the album; it is a tender love song made enjoyable by its pleasant melody. Though the singing is off-key in spots, it all comes together in the tuneful chorus. A searing electric guitar solo is also heard. The metal fireworks fly on the song that follows, "Gera" (trans: War), which features hard-edged, precise riffs. The singing is on-key and appropriately gritty, as Pignose's vocals are more suited toward the rough-and-tumble of metal. "Miss" grooves on a lumbering, Black Sabbath-like chord progression, also incorporating hard-edged riffs and taut drum rolls. "Marlyn" features fast, cohesive group interplay in the mode of Metallica's 1988 album ...And Justice for All. "K.M.O" again features tight synergy between the guitars, bass, and drums. The vocals, as usual, are rough and tough. "Lobo" (trans: Balloon) sees Pignose giving a metal twist to a traditional Filipino folk song. While a fine album, Pignose's debut release was mostly overlooked by the Philippine music scene, and a follow-up album was never released.