Pulp It Up

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And it's time for yet another go-round of the early years of Pulp, a back catalog that has now been recycled so often that there really cannot be any excuse left for reissuing, repackaging, or re-whatever-ing it. Without even looking at the track listing, you can guess what's on this collection -- "Little Girl with Blue Eyes," "Dogs Are Everywhere," "They Suffocate at Night," "Master of the Universe.." -- the late-'80s Fire catalog cherrypicked one more time, and this is no more or less representative than any of the 500 other collections out there. That's the first disc. The second, while not more novel, at least shows a little imagination as it wraps up the less frequently (only 250 times) anthologized single mix of "My Legendary Girlfriend," the extended "Countdown," the remixed "This House Is Condemned," and the 12" B-sides "Is This House?" and "Death Goes to the Disco." Again, it's nothing that the even halfway dedicated collector won't be stifling a yawn at the sight of, but that's probably not who this collection is aimed at, is it?