Psalm II: Infusco Ignis

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The second release from purported mental case (Metal Health, indeed!) Skamfer and his solitary black metal enterprise, Heresi, Psalm II: Infusco Ignis (which is Latin for "Blackened Fire") is a five-track EP preaching earthly devastation and all of that usual helter skelter. In all seriousness, though, Psalm II also contains cleanly produced, expertly performed, and imaginatively arranged examples of this dark craft: "Liotte," "Bevingad Och Försedd Med Horn," and the title cut are all inexorably fast but still tightly controlled assaults recalling early Emperor (before the symphonics got overwhelming); "Dionyssosinitiationen" offers a haunting funeral march both tenebrous and melodic; and the comparatively straightforward "Prosairesis" shrugs off black metal's more elaborate aspirations to bask in old-school, blackened thrash handed down by ancient pioneers like Hellhammer, Vulcano, and compatriot forefathers Bathory. But perhaps the most notable distinction between Heresi's Skamfer and most other one-man black metal operations, is his true mastery of all the instruments he takes a stab at; there's no shoddy guitar work, no wavering off the blast-beat, no hiding behind piles of synthesizers to be found here -- Skamfer is willing and able to put his talents where his twisted mind is.

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