Cloud Car

Pretty Sneaky Sis

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Detroit indie rock pioneers Cloud Car debuted their first full-length in 1999 on Sonic Stream Records quickly after their first self-titled EP. With the addition of bassist Courtney Sheedy to the already steady duo of guitarist/vocalist John Nelson and drummer Jim Edmunds, the band's playful style reached a new level of maturity. The disc starts off with "Bullet Train," the first of a handful of songs to feature Sheedy's blissful backing vocals. The song also features a quirky amount of handclaps. Nelson's vocals on "Sangria" and "Mississauga Still" are measurably more enchanting than most of the songs on their first recordings. On "Bored Games," guest musician Terry Murphy appears on banjo while Nelson's vocals take on a bluesy and reflective style. "Homemade Things," which was featured on their first EP, reappears on track six. Nelson's offbeat vocals are most effective on the slow and somber "Drop Dead Looks," backed by an intricately strummed guitar. His echoing vocals on the final track, "Air Conditioned/Color TV," are followed by an extended experimental fadeout in the middle of the song. The song then gives way to the second half of the song, which could have easily been listed as a new track altogether. The band's enthusiasm shines through on most of Pretty Sneaky Sis. The album was produced by Tim Pak at Detroit's Woodshed Studios.