Post Piano

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AllMusic Review by Rob Theakston

While Skoltz_Kolgen were readying themselves for a live performance in London the horrific subway bombings took place, and like everyone else in London at the time, the duo were deeply affected by the attack. Following their return home, they holed up and participated in the open source remix project featuring the sounds of pianist Kenneth Kirschner. As both artists share the same label (New York's 12k imprint), their inclusion only made sense for the series of Mp3s which would be posted on 12k's website. However, using these sounds as an emotional release for the horror of the subway bombings in London, the duo recorded nearly two-dozen variations for Kirschner and label owner Taylor Deupree to choose from. Unable to decide on a definitive variation, Deupree made the wise decision in releasing 11 of those remixes and released them as a full-length album. The album's opener brilliantly sets the somber tone for what's to come, and the album unfolds in a sea of bleeps and glitches over Kirschner's piano and environmental samples. This is an extremely limited release, but one well worth seeking out if you've been a fan of 12k or Skoltz_Kolgen from the onset.