Waxing Pathetic

Pop Your Figs

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After two years of waiting for the next release from Waxing Pathetic, Pop Your Figs is a bigger, bolder effort when compared to the 1995 God of France EP. A couple of the tunes are repeats from the EP, one of the tunes being "Sometimes," that on Pop Your Figs comes on stronger, and clearly with the new vocalist, Mark "Granny" Wheeler, comes out as a much tighter cut with a solid groove. The other tune is "Thee," which has a cleaner, less-electronic effects sound. It still has the heavy metal sound, but the final product has a better overall presentation. The best track hands down has to be "It's Alright," it has an R.E.M. styling to it, and enough originality to make people start taking this band as serious as they take their music. The tune "Placebo" has a nice guitar intro that deserves a second listen, and for some high-energy drumming, you have to check out "Faith" -- Jason "JV" Vick has the stamina of a bull moose on this particular track, while "Jamie Jamie" has an excellent pop sound, gracing the listener with exceptional vocal harmonies. The weakest track here is "Look Away," which has an '80s generic rock sound. In comparison to the rest of the album, it seems to drag on and on.This is not because the song is really that bad, it's more that the rest of the album is so much better, and it just lacks a Waxing Pathetic hook. Waxing Pathetic will not disappoint you with their second release of Pop Your Figs, because it is a fresh sound with a new lead vocalist.The most important thing is that they have not strayed far from the sound of their debut release, God of France EP. They have grown more focused, and the end product is a stronger quality recording.