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AllMusic Review by Andy Kellman

Like fellow L.A. dwellers Sa-Ra, J*Davey were ahead of their time, had a major-label deal fall through, and went on to assist artists with greater commercial profiles. Most significantly, producer and keyboardist Brook D'Leau worked as the musical director for drop-kicking heartthrob Miguel. After a few years without any releases to their own name, D'Leau and songwriter/vocalist Jack Davey returned and eventually concocted this fine EP, issued on their own label. While the duo still have an instantly identifiable sound that draws from early-'80s R&B and new wave, POMP is a little less freaky than -- yet just as funky as -- their earlier output. When Davey instructs "Let's get high...high on life," she doesn't sound the least bit sarcastic, which would be more jarring if it wasn't supported by a prime, gliding disco-funk backdrop. It's not as if the duo have forgotten to have fun. Davey sprinkles some nasty lines throughout the tracks, while "LIBIDO" swings the mood all the way back to the J*Davey of old, with a demented nursery rhyme-style chorus and sleaze-caked synthesizers. What strikes most is the quality control. Each song is memorable, and apart from the intro and outro, there is no wasted time.

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