Un Cadie Renverse Dans L'Herbe

Polyhedric Tetrapak

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The music of Un Cadie Renverse Dans l'Herbe is a quirky kind of cut-and-paste electronica. Slippery beats, odd quotes, and extensive Max/MSP software workouts all come together to form a series of short, witty, stimulating, and entertaining tracks. Yet, the whole thing remains somewhat detached. It is inventive but it doesn't tap into anything soulful. Polyhedric Tetrapak is the artist's third offering and splits into two sections. First is "Metatrack List," 13 new cuts, all stamped with computer file-like titles impossible to pronounce and ranging within one and three minutes in duration; the total time is 30 minutes. Next is the "Totlop Pak Filters," seven remixes (a total of 20 minutes) of Un Cadie's 2000 CD Totlop Pak by Lucky Kitchen's Alejandra & Underwood, French turntablist Erik M., New York sound artists Stephen Vitiello and DJ Olive, and Spanish techno unit OnCe11. Alejandra & Underwood's track is particularly charming and definitely theirs while retaining Un Cadie's personality. Erik M. and Olive produced careful works. Vitiello should have gone further into sound art. His obedience to the beat makes his contributions half-cooked ideas. The remixes are nice, but they don't eclipse the "real" album. The strangeness of the clicks & cuts, bass without drums, and miscellaneous sounds in Un Cadie's arsenal are worth hearing, even though they add little to the genre.