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Of the four CDs the label No Type released upon its launch in May 2002, Podweek is the most straightforward. Compared to Magali Babin's micro-sonic metallic studies and morceaux_de_machines' digital noise, the tunes of Oeuf Korreckt (aka Frédérick Blouin) derive from early techno and keep rhythm and melody as immutable constants. The quirk in Oeuf Korreckt's music resides in the means of production. He still uses pre-Windows assembling software like Scream Tracker, connecting him to the 1980s pioneers of the techno scene. Still, besides an affiliation with the "vintage" sound, similar results could have been obtained with more up-to-date techniques. The real interest in these pieces is more in the way they sound fresh, positive, and entertaining. If it weren't for the heavy rhythm tracks, one could think of naïve electro-pop figures like Felix Kubin or Reznicek. The pieces collected on this very generous album (78 minutes) date from 1995 to 2001, making it a retrospective of sorts. There is plenty to go around, maybe a bit too much considering the rather limited sound palette used. But the track list offers many highlights, from the crude opener, "Get Binary," and the cute "Alright Well Okay" (featuring a child's voice) to hardcore rompers like "King of the Elephants" and "A Ride in Elephant City."