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Mentioning that Pearl was the runner-up on season seven of RuPaul's Drag Race is necessary since facts that are that fierce must be said, but the album Pleasure is nothing like Pearl's on-screen Stepford Wives-inspired persona. Perhaps this dreamy, off-kilter, and sensual effort could have been released under Pearl's birth name, Matthew James Lent, but there's a hint of that sassy queen's attitude in tribal numbers like "Love Slave," "Pervert," and "That's Fucked Up." The vocals are sampled and twisted while the EDM beats are more eccentric than the genre usually allows, although don't think of it as garish or Diplo-esque, as here the lasers are minor, and often melancholic. Think instead of BT on psychedelics or a chilled album from Zedd and leave the prancing and posing to other ex-Drag Racers like Alaska Thunderfuck, because the utterly unique Pearl is an attractive mix of strange, sublime, and serene.