Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble

Playful Baby

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Bearing the highfalutin name Advanced Brain Technologies, Inc. (ABT), the company issuing Playful Baby, one of four titles in its Music for Babies series, promises a great deal more than your average CD. This isn't just good music, mind you. It "helps infants and toddlers achieve their extraordinary, and unique, potential." It does so by introducing them to a collection of excerpts from classical music by the likes of Schumann, Beethoven, and Mozart (a lot of Mozart), as well as traditional melodies, played by a chamber orchestra consisting of harp, celeste, violin, viola, cello, clarinet, and flute, mixed with the sounds of animals, laughing children, and the outdoors. Playful Baby is "a vibrant collection arranged to stimulate your children to actively experience their world." Whether it will stimulate their parents is liable to be a matter of taste. Grownups who like European classical music may accept ABT's pseudo-scientific pronouncements about the virtues of having their infants exposed to it (although they may be more inclined to play CDs already in their collections instead of buying this one), but people from other cultures and traditions may question the whole idea. Still, the music is consistently pleasant, and it no doubt will make for a more congenial environment for child-rearing than some other music and sounds children are likely to hear.