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AllMusic Review by Matt Collar

On their sophomore album, 2016's Perspective, Britain's Lawson offer up a pleasant brand of adult contemporary pop that, while slickly produced, is also believably earnest. Centered around lead singer/guitarist Andy Brown, Lawson debuted in 2012 with Chapman Square. Working in Nashville with producer John Fields (Switchfoot, Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers), Lawson have crafted an album that will draw in plenty of ears, both for the hooky songs and for the fact that they sound a lot like bands that are already fairly popular. Essentially, Lawson are like '90s boy band Take That reimagined as uber-hitmakers OneRepublic with bits of the folk-inflections of the Lumineers and dancy reggae-pop of Canada's Magic! thrown in for good measure. Lead singer Brown has a pleasantly warm and yearning voice that often endearingly sways into a Liverpudlian lilt. It's a sound the band puts to good use on the Bruno Mars-esque "Money." Similarly, tracks like "Love & War" and "Only Water" showcase the band's knack for sincerely delivered romantic balladry. Admittedly, there's nothing particularly original about Lawson's sound on Perspective. "We Are the Fire" borrows from the anthemic post-U2 playbook, while the dramatic "I Look Anyway" and club-ready dance-pop of "Rio" would fit nicely alongside similarly inclined tracks from Imagine Dragons, Maroon 5, and Ireland's the Script. That said, it's hard not to like a band whose members seem to really believe in what they are doing, so much so that Brown even incorporated a marriage proposal to his wife in the band's video for the single "Where My Love Goes." If that song appeals to you and the romantic gestures don't make you ill, then you are probably the kind of listener Lawson are aiming for. Ultimately, it's that kind of grand pop sincerity, regardless of how original any of it sounds, that lends depth to Lawson's Perspective.

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