Persons Attack the Scene

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A brief blast of merriment described by the band as a double EP, Persons Attack the Scene combines new songs with older ones from the group's days as the Lainmeyers. The tense new wave of Persons' earlier work takes some odd but worthy turns on the first songs, which the liner notes describe as being "composed for an abstract dance piece," performed by the group at a one-off show. If that meant the band danced around while the music played on tape or the like, then there should be more shows like that in the indie rock world, since the music featured is nicely random, herky-jerk fun. Allegedly the group was inspired by a '70s band called the Monkeys (not the more famous pre-fab band), but hints of folks like the Minutemen and 100 Flowers can be heard in the instrumental tracks, with sudden tempo shifts and rhythm breakdowns. As an antidote to instrumental post-rock snooze, it's crucial, and moments like the sparkling guitar on "Hippotenuse" and the chaotic rampage of "The Indie-Rock(er)" are well worthy. "The Credo" is another new number created specifically for the disc, mixing up both a bit of the funk and the pop for a nicely giddy finale for the disc. The remaining cuts, while older numbers, had yet to be recorded before this release; with the help of Sara Marcus on keyboards and backing vocals, the band turns them into triumphant miniature epics. The joyous heroics and nutty guitar riffing of "The Time Barely Over," the swirling synths and Dentists-worthy pop rush of "HAIR," and the gentler "Asymmetry" all come across very well.