Paris Angels


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Paris Angels were part of the indie dance boom of the early '90s. They hailed from Manchester and were inspired by the twin towers of the Manchester scene: New Order and the Happy Mondays. They combined the heart-tugging melodies and lush electronic beats of New Order with drawled vocals and almost African-sounding guitars. "Perfume" was the closest they came to having a smash hit. The song is truly a monster. Sporting a pulsing beat that will set your feet to tapping instantly and alternating vocals between the honey-toned female singer and drunk-sounding male singer, "Perfume" should be on any early-'90s mixtape. This song appears twice on the EP. The "Loved Up" version is the radio version, very straightforward and true with the vocals coming in right away; the "All on You" version is extended and more dancefloor-oriented. The third song on the disc pales in comparison to "Perfume"; "Pure" is a bit sluggish and lacks the title track's day-glo charm and manic drive (although it does have a glittering dub break in the middle that saves the song from being too gloomy). It sounds like a Mondays B-side. There are worse things to sound like. Those who fancy themselves indie dance experts had better have Perfume in their collections. If you can get hold of this EP, by all means, snap it up without delay.