Sunday Smoke Kit

Passing Shooting Stars

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It's hard to not point to the influence of Nick Drake when listening to the six songs on Sunday Smoke Kit's Passing Shooting Stars EP on Virginia's Planting Seeds Records. But the simple method of classifying artists by their influences doesn't seem to fit in this case. The title track leads off the CD, carefully creating an aura of contemplation and heartache, citing the brief life of a shooting star as a metaphor for life. The jangly guitars and steady rhythm on "I Know Someone Will" showcase the band's tight instrumentation and knack for flare. The pace slows down with the mournful "The Way You Wonder," leading the dreamy "Strange Girl," and slowing down yet again on "Los Alamos," a song that sounds like it would best be performed in a smoky bar. The final track, "06/13/2000," obviously hints at a personal meaning for that day for singer Scott Meiggs, but it never fully explains the importance, instead quickly sailing through the serene melody. With Meiggs on guitar and vocals, drummer Neil DelParto, guitarist Dan Villanueva, and bassist Mark Renfro, on Passing Shooting Stars Sunday Smoke Kit succeeded in creating an understated musical world of varying tempos.