J.J. & The Morning Crew

Parodies for Charity

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Every major city in America has a radio station with a morning crew doing their version of the Howard Stern show, complete with bad taste butt jokes, silly song parodies and four or five people all trying to talk at once. If you're from the Detroit area and are tuned to the local classic rock station, their version is known as J.J. & the Morning Crew, led by local legend Jim Johnson. The parodies on here, ranging from takeoffs of tunes by the Beatles ("The Beatles Unplugged") to Bobby Darin ("Juice The Knife") to the "Macarena" ("Gonorrhea") are at least well-played enough to evoke the proper musical context. Of the parodies themselves, needless to say, if you're a fan of this type of radio, you'll love what's on here; if not, no amount of explaining will justify its existence and the stupidity of it all. Putting these 29 little musical skits together on one disc may have raised some money for charity (and to criticize that would be like being against the homeless and the needy), but as a comedic artifact, this barely deserves a second spin.