Paralytic Tonight, Dublin Tomorrow

The Saints

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Paralytic Tonight, Dublin Tomorrow Review

by Mark Deming

In 1980, Chris Bailey wanted to remind the world that the Saints were still a going concern after the departure of Ed Kuepper, and some French rock & roll fans were looking for a worthy act to launch their new record label, so the EP Paralytic Tonight, Dublin Tomorrow was released in true "helps you, helps me" fashion -- it was the first release from both New Rose Records and the post-Kuepper Saints. While these four songs (or five, depending on which version you buy) are tougher and more rock-oriented than the albums that would soon follow from Bailey's edition of the group, they're still a far cry from the breakneck fury of (I'm) Stranded or Eternally Yours, though the soul horns on "On the Waterfront" and the tough guitars on "Simple Love" provide a clear link between the first and second editions of the band. Paralytic Tonight sounds like a calling card from a band still trying to get back on its feet (which in many respects it was), but it also shows that despite the breakup of the original Saints lineup, Bailey's gifts as a singer and vocalist were still in impressive shape, and it's a short but potent show of pop/rock mojo from a man who had both the skills and the commitment to deliver the goods.