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In 1996, Philippine rock trio DaPulis (DaPolice) released their first album, Parakenrol (no translation). The band's sound is rooted in rock, but it's also novelty-based, intended to deliver a lot of jokes, both spoken and sung. However, DaPulis also lays down some hard-edged rock as well-spirited, acoustic-based rock.

The album's first song, "DaPulis Anthem" ("DaPolice Anthem"), delivers both comedy as well as searing rock & roll. It starts on a chord progression reminiscent of the Kinks' "You Really Got Me," and the vocalist borrows from Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll." There are plenty of original DaPulis aspects as well. "Dajam" is a blues-based tune. Playing rhythm guitar is local guest artist Perf De Castro, founder of Triaxis and a known blues proponent. A revelation here is the searing lead guitar of DaPulis' Jay Ignacio.

"CH4" features several high-profile guest guitarists, including esteemed veteran Wally Gonzales as well as Manuel Legarda of hard-rock band Wolfgang, and David Aguirre and Tirso Ripoll of rock group Razorback. These songs may not be of the highest caliber, but they have enough spirit to sustain one's interest. "Thoughts" utilizes the forward momentum of acoustic-based rhythm guitar. The singing on these numbers is somewhat exaggerated and rough in parts, probably because of the comedic aspect, but the songs still have gusto. However, the album's remaining pieces, including "Christmas Is Tomorrow" and "Santa Klaws" ("Santa Clause"), are mostly platforms for silly comedy routines.