Ward Churchill

Pacifism and Pathology in the Amercian Left

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American Indian Movement activist and author Ward Churchill has quite a bit to say about forming movements, resisting police in an intelligent way, and nonviolence on this CD, which was recorded in November of 2001. He makes a strong case for leaving all options open as far as how to resist power. But less than halfway through the CD he suggests that the September 11 terrorist attacks are an example of a successful way to attack power. He seems to imply incorrectly that the terrorists were from Afghanistan and Iraq (maybe in November of 2001 it hadn't come out yet that most of them were from Saudi Arabia). Since these terrorists were from poor countries that had no other means of fighting the powers that be that have killed thousands of their people, he says that this tactic of flying planes into the World Trade Center was justified and much more successful at damaging the American economy than all the boycotts and marches of the left. Obviously, marches and boycotts have had a much more positive effect in creating change than the September 11 terrorist attacks. Churchill comes off as a supporter of the tactics of these terrorists, saying that the World Trade Center was an excellent target and that the attack was "exemplary." He says of September 11 that "You can trust me on this one, the bulk of the world is saying 'it's about time'." Who did Churchill poll on this? Though the stockbrokers who worked in the World Trade Center may have contributed in many ways to misery and wealth consolidation, it's a stretch for Churchill to blame them for thousands of dead babies in Iraq. And what about the people who happened to be in the planes? Churchill's audience gives him a bit of a hard time during the question and answer session as any audience would when presented with the delusional idea that the mostly random mayhem of September 11 executed by a group of religious thugs was a positive strike at American power.

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