Hennie Bekker

Pacific Suite

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The third album in The Solitudes Exploring Nature with Music series once again blends nature sounds, recorded by the award-winning producer Dan Gibson, with the harmonious Synclavier orchestrations of Hennie Bekker. However, on Pacific Suite we hear much longer segments of environmental sounds unaccompanied by music, with the synthesizer used both to usher in transitions from one habitat to another and to draw out the moods of the various locations. The album plays as one continuous piece, following the northern Pacific coastline from its rugged shores to its ancient inland forests. In addition to ocean waves and flowing rivers, numerous wildlife species are featured, including various songbirds, seagulls, croaking ravens, sea lions, humpback whales, and even the haunting cries of elk. Bekker's extensive experience in scoring films and documentaries is put to good effect here, as he skillfully simulates the sounds of quavering strings, rippling pianos, muted horns, ethereal panpipes and cascading harps. At times his orchestrations seem to hover above the ground, like distant fairy music heard deep in the forest, while at other times they build into majestic crescendos, as in the final piece "Return to the Sea," where the climaxing instruments merge with the crashing waves. Pacific Suite combines the awesome power of the ocean with the inspiring solitude of the forests, offering us a very restful journey along the magnificent coastline of the mighty Pacific.