Tom Evans / Rod Roach

Over You: The Final Tracks

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Tommy Evans was the talented and tormented bassist/vocalist from Badfinger who committed suicide in November 1983, leaving behind a wonderful musical legacy that is still not, and probably will never be, fully appreciated. The recordings on this disc represent the best of the demos that Evans had laid down with friend Rod Roach in the final years of his life. After Evans' death, Roach set the original tapes aside and forgot about them. When a bootleg containing versions of some of these songs surfaced in the late '80s, Roach, with blessings from Evans' widow Marianne, went back to the original tapes, cleaned them up, added a few overdubs and released this bittersweet collection of pop songs that will please the hardcore Badfinger/Beatles fans. Evans' vocals are sincere and emotional as he sings of love, loss, and sadness. "Waited Too Long," "Love Inside You," "You And I," "Lay Down," and "Over You" are classic Evans pop nuggets that could have fit onto any Badfinger album. "One Step To Heaven" and "If I Needed Someone" could be indications of where he was headed musically, blending a more modern approach to his timeless songs. There are a few clinkers here, mostly because they sound like throwaways and jams that normally would have never seen the light of day ("Stolen Love" and "Baby You"). The major problem with this release is the shoddy, unattractive packaging that is almost embarrassing and does Evans no favors at all. The cover states that this album is "from the former Badfinger Tommy Evans and Rod Roach." Is that even proper English? And are we supposed to think that Rod Roach is "the former Badfinger," too? Sheesh! OK, close your eyes and listen. The music makes it all worthwhile.