Outro Mundo Livre de Manuela Rosario

Mundo Livre S/A

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Outro Mundo Livre de Manuela Rosario Review

by Philip Jandovský

The title of the album is drawn from the story about the fictive young Mexican student Manuela Rosario, who travels from her home city of Guadalajara to the state of Pernambuco in Brazil, to document the persecution of the local Xucurú Indians, and because of these activities, gets murdered. Compared to several of Mundo Livre S/A's previous releases, this album showcases a more mature, calmer, and thoughtful sound. Several tracks here emphasize beautiful and rather intricate melodies, which emphasize the often sad and intellectual lyric themes, about social injustices. The band's peculiar and danceable trademark brand of samba groove is still here intact though, perhaps even more vigorous and captivating than before. Fred 04's acoustic guitar interplays with the sound of flutes, Moogs, caxixis, congas, and electric guitars to create a sophisticated yet easily accessible soundscape. Famous percussionist Naná Vasconcelos also makes a guest appearance, contributing with his personal "talking drum" beat, on "Caiu a Ficha," which is also one of the albums finest tracks. Outro Mundo de Manuela Rosário was released on an independent label, and for that reason didn't get the commercial backing it deserved, which some of the earlier albums from Mundo Livre enjoyed. There is however, no doubt that this is Mundo Livre S/A's most consistent work to date and, simply put, a splendid album from start to finish.