Out of Control in Chicago

The Rolling Stones

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Out of Control in Chicago Review

by Alex Henderson

Five nights after playing an unannounced club gig at the Double Door in Chicago, the Rolling Stones headlined Chicago's huge Soldier Field Stadium on September 23, 1997. Both performances were documented by bootleggers, and the resulting bootlegs showed that the Stones brought different approaches to the different venues. While the Double Door gig (which can be heard on the bootleg Secret Service) found the Stones going for rawness and grit, the well-publicized Soldier Field show favored a slicker, cleaner approach. Documenting that performance is Out of Control in Chicago, which offers good sound quality and attractive artwork. The Stones heard on this CD are obviously more clean-sounding than the tougher Stones heard on Secret Service. Between the two approaches, the grittier approach works best for the veteran rockers, who are better served by toughness than slickness. This isn't to say that Out of Control in Chicago isn't enjoyable -- Mick Jagger and associates bring a lot of energy and good spirits to "Under My Thumb," "Bitch," "Miss You," and "Let's Spend the Night Together," even though these versions are less than definitive. While this CD isn't essential, it's a decent listen that die-hard fans and collectors will appreciate.