Eaken Piano Trio

Our Favorites

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Our Favorites Review

by Mike D. Brownell

With a title like Our Favorites, listeners may have some expectation that an ensemble would choose works it could execute with brilliant technical precision, sweeping musicality, and seeming ease. Regrettably, this album by the Eaken Piano Trio fails to live up to any such expectation. For starters, the sound quality of the album is quite poor. All of the instruments sound quite distant and muffled, and the piano seems almost to be in a different room. When all three musicians are playing simultaneously, there's almost no definition to the sound. From a technical aspect, the performance is simply a mess. Intonation is painfully poor throughout and at times, the piano itself seems not to have been tuned properly. Articulation and tone color in the strings do not match; passages of harmonics and extremely high notes are woefully inaccurate. There are missed notes in the piano part, and the pedal is used far too extensively in a failed attempt to cover up these shortcomings. The trio finds no salvation in its musical interpretation, which is safe, predictable, and often downright cheesy. While this album may be "their favorites," it's rather unlikely to be among your favorites.

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major, BWV 1068
Eaken Piano Trio 03:29 Amazon
Thaïs, opera in 3 acts
2 Eaken Piano Trio 04:30 Amazon
3 Eaken Piano Trio 03:08 Amazon
4 Eaken Piano Trio 02:54 Amazon
Cavalleria rusticana, opera (melodramma) in 1 act
5 Eaken Piano Trio 03:26 Amazon
6 Eaken Piano Trio 03:12 Amazon
Nocturnes (3), for piano, violin & cello
7 Eaken Piano Trio 02:31 Amazon
8 Eaken Piano Trio 02:44 Amazon
9 Eaken Piano Trio 02:31 Amazon
10 Eaken Piano Trio 04:04 Amazon
11 Eaken Piano Trio 02:33 Amazon
12 Eaken Piano Trio 02:34 Amazon
13 Eaken Piano Trio 02:40 Amazon
Hommages, for piano trio
14 Eaken Piano Trio 02:22 Amazon
15 Eaken Piano Trio 03:31 Amazon
Circulo, for piano trio, Op. 91
16 Eaken Piano Trio 03:33 Amazon
17 Eaken Piano Trio 02:24 Amazon
18 Eaken Piano Trio 03:41 Amazon
Goyescas, opera, H. 65
19 Eaken Piano Trio 04:04 Amazon
20 Eaken Piano Trio 04:01 Amazon
21 Eaken Piano Trio 05:56 Amazon
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