Ostateczny Krach Systemu Korporacji

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This is Polish anarchist punk industrial metal with an avant-garde jazz and angry hip-hop edge that flirts with polkas, postmodern pop, and sophisticated psychedelia. Now, if you are thinking an updated Plastic People of the Universe from what used to be Czechoslovakia, you have a slim idea, but that's not really it. Of course, Kult's musical mélange may be the only kind of blend like this coming out of Warsaw, but who cares -- it's more original in its blend of styles than anything that comes out of America without exception. And to top that off, that's not all they can do; they can play messed-up pop music that is worthy of Mano Negra or Les Negresses Verte as well, or perhaps even Cafe Tacuba from Mexico. For Kult, no music is off limits, and any means of expression is valid so long as it gets the message across, and that message, in many incarnations, is clear: life is boring and ruled by death when lived under the shadow of a corporately dictated map for pleasure, happiness, and spirituality. Horns that play everything from post-Albert Ayler scree to oompah lines to accent the backbeat to crunching guitars that play in overdrive and melodies that are so futuristic they haven't been uttered before, as well as arcane folk song frameworks, are accompanied by a scratching turntable and synthesizers, you tell me what you make of it. I won't discriminate the songs because all of them are so poignant and full of irony they fit together like a manifesto. This is for the adventurous only, but it is phenomenal. When is the last time you can say you heard anything really new in popular music? This is new.

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