Twang Factor 4

Operation: TF4

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Twang Factor 4 makes a welcome return with Operation: TF4. From the groove of "Simbone" to the electric blues of "KC Moan" to the rock request for "Seven Seconds of Solitude," their experiments in a variety of styles continue, and both deepen and broaden. Got some intriguing variety goin' here. "Vindaloo" even gets into rockabilly -- you can really hear their namesake twang in this one, woven around the rapid-fire vocals. For a darker, more sardonic viewpoint, try "Blue Elvis." One thing: Diehard fans of the King are not gonna like this one. Nope. Not one bit. Impersonators in rhinestones and suthun' sweeties with big hair don't wanna hear "Elvis is on the toilet and his face is turnin' blue." But for those who can go for a satiric view of the seamy downside of the scene, this'll do it. Much more upbeat than that is "Rickenbacker 12-String." This one's an agreeable slice-of-life tune about how the artist finds the instrument with his long desired sound. ("Glass shattering simplicity goes a long, long way.") Gotta feel good when somebody who really appreciates the 12-string gets one, and the instrumental riffs on this song are tasty too. Listeners are likely to give this track a workout with repeat play. Good to hear this talented group continuing to offer more original material, as their sound matures. Fans will definitely want to add Operation: TF4 to their collections, and it can act as a positive introduction to the band for new listeners as well.