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Probably released around 1966, or 1967 at the latest from the sound of things, Out of Our Times is an interesting if erratic mix of folk, pop, and folk-rock. Perhaps that's more due to scrambled transmission of such influences to Denmark than deliberate eclectic stylings of eccentricity on part of the performers. Still, it's a little weird for listeners from English-speaking nations to hear its push, pull, and admixtures of elements. The harmonies are often grounded in early-'60s folk boomers like Peter, Paul & Mary and Ian & Sylvia, but there are also more modern cuts like "I Lie With You" and "I'm on My Way" that strongly echo the Mamas & the Papas. On songs like "Tommy Taylor the 3d," there's energetic jazz-pop vocalizing with idiosyncratic rhythms, rather in the same way jazz-pop harmonies would occasionally manifest themselves (though in a smoother fashion) in the Mamas & the Papas. There's not much rock here, but there are touches of electric guitar, percussion, and the sorts of arrangements that wouldn't be out of place on a Southern Californian sunshine pop record. There are also misfires like "Carlos," a children's folk song with extremely heavily accented female vocals (in English, as all the songs are). In general, though, the tunes are upbeat, enjoyable, occasionally mildly countercultural ("Goin' Where I'm Wanted"), and arranged with refreshing imagination, if sometimes on the corny side. By the way, "I'm on My Way" is a cover of an early composition by Dave Cousins of the Strawbs, who also recorded it (when Sandy Denny was in the band) around the same time.