The Beatles

On Stage in Japan: The 1966 Tour

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If a bootlegger was putting out a lot of LPs in the 1970s, chances are that some of them were by the Beatles. One of the top bootleg labels of the 1970s, TAKRL was no exception. TAKRL, whose name stood for The Amazing Kornyfone Record Label, released its share of illicit Beatles LPs -- and one of the most impressive was this one. When On Stage in Japan: The 1966 Tour was sold at vinyl swap meets in the 1970s, it had a well-deserved reputation for high quality. Not only is the sound quality good by 1960s standards -- TAKRL obviously had a genuine soundboard recording to work with -- but the Beatles are also quite inspired on gems that range from "Yesterday," "Nowhere Man," and "Paperback Writer" to "I Feel Fine" and "I Wanna Be Your Man." Some listeners might be overwhelmed by the constant screaming of the Japanese audience of 1966, but the screams only add to the ambiance and serve as a reminder of just how exciting a phenomenon Beatlemania was. In terms of both performances and sound quality, this bootleg is a definite winner.