Doug Clark

On Campus

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Doug Clark & the Hot Nuts famously plied their shtick around the country in the '60s, but their ribald humor is tame by contemporary standards. Each side of On Campus begins with a hot instrumental followed by a reprise of their theme song, "Hot Nuts," that offers an endless succession of testicle jokes over an R&B riff. "Bang Bang Lou Lou" forces the listener to anticipate raunchy rhymes that don't occur and is consequently more enduringly funny, while "Limmericks" [sic] provides plenty of the same over a bed of music. At the time it was outrageous to hear these sexual euphemisms (there are very few actual profanities) on record, but the shock value has greatly decreased in the intervening years. Doug Clark & the Hot Nuts are still fun and a little naughty, but downright old-fashioned in comparison to the extreme gross-out humor of today.