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Lands is a fictional band made real, the band from the movie and soundtrack to the film Bandage, a fiction revolving around the Japanese rock scene in the 1990s (at the peak of ska, instrumental bands, and, of course, Unicorn). The band itself is actually simply Jin Akanishi of Kat-Tun and producer Takeshi Kobayashi from Mr. Children, with Akanishi providing all of the vocals. The sound stays roughly in the realm of alternative rock with elements of straightforward J-pop (especially in the vocal deliveries) and additional touches of Japanese fads (for example, ska). The instrumentation is appropriate for the aesthetic, and has some reasonably good displays. The ska in "Genki" is perfect for its purpose, and the guitars in "Yuuki" provide a slightly modernized, electrified version of mid-'90s rock. The movie's title track, "Bandage," is perhaps the best example, however. This is something that could have been lifted from a Wallflowers album -- perhaps not quite as strong, but with all of the right elements, eventually finding its way into a straightforward J-pop disco inflection. Throughout it all, Akanishi manages to fit himself into the scene well, using a standard J-pop inflection in "Genki Perfect Issue," moving to a slightly more rock-based delivery in "Bandage," or a weak-voiced attempt to mimic Tamio Okuda in the album's title track. The provenance of the album is a little weak to expect further things, but the music is fairly well constructed and worth a listen.