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There's a point for many indie bands when they become dangerously successful. It seems that Absoluuttinen Nollapiste had that point after its previous full-length, Suljettu, which surely is the best overall work by Absoluuttinen Nollapiste so far. And now that they have found their El Dorado -- the studio in Tampere and its producer Otto Hallanmaa -- it seems that Liimatta has decided to sit down with his bandmates for a while. There's no problem with that from an artistic point of view, but the band's longtime fans surely were becoming afraid, wondering if there would be anything after Suljettu. Well, at least the opening instrumental "Valajas Helkures" and the following "Kalkin Sammutus" promise a lot. The soundscape is wider than ever and the sound itself feels warm. However, one of the most interesting things on Suljettu was its tight and simple sound, suggesting that Olos might be an extremely pop-oriented album. The new, richer sound might indeed bring Absoluuttinen Nollapiste some new fans, but after albums such as Simpukka-Amppeli and Suljettu, it seems that multiple guitar tracks and using a lot of echo on the instruments is just not this band's thing. So it's not a surprise that, after hearing the whole album, one picks "Kotiinpaluu, Jotenkin," "Neljä Ruukkua Neliössä," and "Soita Kotiin, Elvis" as favorites. Also, fans of Suljettu might find "Ja Jos" interesting, since it resembles both of Otsala's tracks on Suljettu. Liimatta's lyrics have remained similar, which still might be the main point of interest for most. His approach is still unique, and even though some people might not understand some of his texts, listeners remain fascinated by the lyrics' comic nuances. His voice, however, has improved since Suljettu. While on the previous album his voice annoyed people, on Olos it has adapted to the band's sound. Also, vocalist/percussionist Teemu Eskelinen has a bigger part than on Suljettu. While he previously sang only little bits, on Olos he sings "Harhailua Maastossa" in its entirety. Whatever you thought about his singing skills, his voice brings a nice addition, since bassist/vocalist Aake Otsala doesn't perform any vocals whatsoever on Olos. Olos is a natural follow-up to Suljettu. While Suljettu was depressing, minimalistic, and a bit humble, Olos has a bright and large sound with an ambitious approach. And even though some fans might be afraid that Absoluuttinen Nollapiste will continue on with a pop music focus, it seems that the band has just filled a musical gap with a larger soundscape. Yet the poppy approach still disturbs, and even though Olos might be entertaining for a while, the feeling doesn't last for long. Some fans might feel stuck with Suljettu but, after all, that is better than being stuck with Olos.

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