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Post-punk alterna-rock is no longer a commercial force in radio and retail, but some still fly the flag. This Massachusetts three-men/one-woman quartet surely would have been scooped up in a millisecond by a major label five to seven years ago, as they've got the basics down and they're great at it: The general slant of Oil seems to be that quiet-and-foreboding-into-screaming-loud-chaos dichotomy, that abrupt gentle-to-violent dynamic that Nirvana purloined from the Pixies and made into a staple. These folks do it much better than most, much tighter and much nastier, resting more on the post-punk-chops side on songs such as the intense "Green Cycle" than some B.S. Pearl Jam wannabe. This could just as easily have been on Dischord in 1991 as on Interscope in 1995. There's a tad too much rawk in them, and there's no variety, but if you like blasting cymbals-crashing, guitars-rasping, taut-rhythmic stuff, come here. (P.O. Box 63, Allston, MA 02134;