Beguiling Oxymoron

Object of My Heart's Desire

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Ambient music has a spacey spirituality attached to it, and at the very least is a healthy de-stresser for our hectic lives. It is also unique in its ability to engage the mind and imagination.

Certainly Beguiling Oxymoron's Object Of My Heart's Desire fits right into the groove (or lack of). Today's ambient music is becoming increasingly sophisticated in parallel to the advances in music technology. Exquisitely beautiful albums have come to the fore as a result. In fact, 1994 is considered to be a renaissance year for ambient. More classics were released and snapped up in 1994 than in the short history of the movement (acknowledged to have been begun with Brian Eno's Music For Airports in 1974). The reason is simple: here we not only have a less demanding music, but entire worlds where we can roam free (headphones help this journey).