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The debut album by this Austrian trio is described in the press release as "slo-mo kraut prog rock." The formula is surprisingly adequate. One does find the blend of raw rock energy, hypnotic drive and willingness to explore typical to the music of krautrock pioneers, and it sure is all slowed down to a crawl. Even Babe S's low alto voice sounds as if it had been sped down a bit to give it seductive ghostly overtones. The album is basically guitar, bass and drums, with electronics added by all three members (Babe S, Hämmerle, and Noir). Each track is slow and sedate, which doesn't exclude a certain form of excitement (as in "Den Verstand Bewegt," as close as it will get to something fast paced). The arrangements are often sparse and roomy. "Sans Less" is excruciatingly slow and yet it keeps a rock attitude instead of slipping into post- rock melancholy. "Dumb Shout 3000" crosses over into dub territory, quoting a few well-known hits along the way (including Yes' "Owner of a Lonely Heart," which sounds pretty awkward to say the least). Somewhere between free improvisations and sonic constructions of studio wizardry, "Learn Life" and "Regen 2002" illustrate the group's more experimental side. The former features processed trumpet (Babe S) and clarinet (Hämmerle) while the latter includes lots of electronic textures. But the remaining eleven tracks stick to the rock trio format. Some pieces are overlong and the slow pace of the album makes its 72 minutes tiresome in the long run, but B.O.S.'s proposal is interesting enough to deserve your attention.

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