Nancy Silverman

Now You Know My Secrets

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Though her voice is meticulously raw, realistic, gritty, unique, and above all, full of character, the intriguingly beautiful Nancy Silverman creates a stunningly polished and professional album of well-crafted numbers that stand out as a beacon of hope in 2008's mercurial pop market. The balance of innovative, edgy songwriting along with Silverman's gorgeous tone, reminiscent of a Fiona Apple/Amy Winehouse/Alanis Morisette love child, creates a flourishing release of sultry, jazzy, Carole King-esque music that tantalizes the ear drums as musical appetites everywhere are whetted. Relying mostly on heavy piano beats and infectious runs and riffs, "Now You Know My Secrets" is a rare serving; an undiscovered menagerie of professionalism and a stellar debut of perfected quality and inconceivable originality. Tunes like "Take It Day by Day" and the hauntingly magical "High Life" are just a sampling of the wonders that any listener will receive while blessing their ears with this music, and the catchy kiss-off "My Apologies" is a funky, bluesy piece of spunk; "The New Her" is a glamorous portrayal of true musical giftedness. In fact, each track bears commendable, redeemable quality without a single sore spot. All the way through, personality is voluminous and Silverman's grit and sarcasm ooze with potential all over this disc. At only nine tracks long, the only flaw with the album is that it leaves the listener craving more than the 30 minutes that they get on the album, although the ephemeral quality of Now You Know My Secrets is that it adds to the pleasure of the experience. Now You Know My Secrets isn't a CD, it's a gem of true independent artistry, and the marksmanship of a sensational artist who deserves limitless levels of praise and glorification.