Constance Demby

Novus Magnificat: Through the Stargate

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This two-part album of symphonic space music by Constance Demby is a must-have. Divinely inspired? Probably so; for those who believe in Fate, the timing of its release was in alignment with the arrival of the Harmonic Convergence. Demby, with her years on the road with an experimental music group, was used to creating massive spiritual works: large sounds, unusual instruments, and broad scopes. Novus Magnificat was her first album produced with her 16-track studio using digital sampling technology. Here, she had all the voices of the orchestra and choir at her fingertips, and she used all 16 tracks (and then some) to complete the composition. The music is in two parts: part one is like wandering the halls of heaven before the Big Event. Choir sounds bounce from cloud formations, and redemption seems at hand. Though Demby sets an overall path of sound, rhapsodic cul-de-sacs appear like intimate and sacred shrines. Part two begins with a Bach-like organ piece, which creates fascinating inner structures. Demby then takes you through long hallways; angels sing nearby, melodies tug at your heart, space winds clean away cobwebs of the mind. Trumpets begin their heralding calls, an organ sings in anticipation, choirs rejoice, harps fly, shooting stars sparkle. Peak builds on crescendo until ultimately, the cosmos split open and the whole universe joyously avalanches through with the angels enjoying the ride. This awe-inspiring and breathtaking anointment is worth playing on a good sound system. Crank up the sound, place yourself between the speakers, and allow yourself the gift of this music. Space music composer Michael Stearns contributed special celestial sonic effects.

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1 26:24
2 27:14
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