Nothing to Do with Us: A Golden Treasury of Jet

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After a quarter century of near-complete obscurity in rock history -- with John's Children and the Radio Stars gathering much more in the way of press and cult memory than Jet ever did -- Jet suddenly reappeared via a Dutch pressing of this two-disc collection. Consisting of both the original album itself and a slew of demos and other tracks that had never seen the light of day, Nothing to Do With Us is a near perfect slice of fun. Near perfect, because the transfer of the album itself came from vinyl rather than the master tapes, and the quality at some points is noticeably dull. Beyond that, though, this is a quite wonderful anthology. The original album itself is supplemented by one track: "Quandary," originally the B-side to "Cover Girl," and an entertaining blast of shrill, theatrical glam itself. As for the second disc, separately entitled More Light Than Shade, everything from first-ever demos to live tracks and final recordings, a number with alternate members, are lovingly gathered. Sound quality understandably varies all over the place but generally comes across quite well given the circumstances. Given that Jet was never truly individual enough to be top flight or distinct enough on its own, many entertaining efforts can still be found here, like the amusing "We Love Noise" and an early take on a later Radio Stars number, "Johnny Mekon." A variety of demos for the original album crop up (ironically sometimes in clearer form than the actual CD pressing of the album), including a fine take on "Start Here" engineered by later-famous producer Alan Winstanley. The first ever demo was a version of the legendary Marc Bolan-written John's Children obscurity "Desdemona" with a dramatic glam arrangement. A thorough and quite amusing history of the band is provided, along with a variety of rare photographs and, as a postscript, a description of a 1999 John's Children reunion show with Ellison, Townson, and Gordon.