Noriko Ogawa

Noriko Ogawa plays Erik Satie on an 1890 Erard piano, Vol. 1

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AllMusic Review by Blair Sanderson

As music from the past is increasingly performed on original instruments in authentic period style, it was perhaps inevitable that Erik Satie's keyboard works would be treated this way, especially to celebrate his 150th anniversary. Using an 1890 Érard piano, Noriko Ogawa has recorded Satie's most famous pieces for the first volume of a series of the complete solo piano music on BIS, including the Trois Gymnopédies, the Gnossiennes, Avant-dernières pensées, the Sonatine bureaucratique, Embryons desséchés, and others from Satie's iconoclastic oeuvre. Casual listeners may miss the significance of the Érard piano, which was built in the year Satie composed his first Gnossienne, and which is somewhat closer to a modern piano's robust sound than, say, a fortepiano from the early 19th century, or even a piano from the middle of the century. BIS' pristine super audio recording captures the instrument's distinctive metallic tone, which gives it a slightly antique quality, though it has enough projection and dynamic range to satisfy most piano fans. Ogawa is a sensitive player with a subtle touch, and she appropriately characterizes Satie's enigmatic pieces with a mix of biting humor and poignant melancholy.

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
1 Noriko Ogawa 03:37 Amazon
2 Noriko Ogawa 01:52 Amazon
3 Noriko Ogawa 02:32 Amazon
4 Noriko Ogawa 02:11 Amazon
5 Noriko Ogawa 03:32 Amazon
6 Noriko Ogawa 01:10 Amazon
7 Noriko Ogawa 04:03 Amazon
8 Noriko Ogawa 01:28 Amazon
Chapitres tournés en tous sens
9 Noriko Ogawa 00:54 Amazon
10 Noriko Ogawa 02:21 Amazon
11 Noriko Ogawa 01:59 Amazon
Avant-dernières penseés
12 Noriko Ogawa 00:54 Amazon
13 Noriko Ogawa 01:09 Amazon
14 Noriko Ogawa 00:49 Amazon
Croquis et agaceries d’un gros bonhomme en bois
15 Noriko Ogawa 01:54 Amazon
16 Noriko Ogawa 01:23 Amazon
17 Noriko Ogawa 01:26 Amazon
Sonatine bureaucratique
18 Noriko Ogawa 01:06 Amazon
19 Noriko Ogawa 01:11 Amazon
20 Noriko Ogawa 01:31 Amazon
21 Noriko Ogawa 04:41 Amazon
Embryons desséchés
22 Noriko Ogawa 01:56 Amazon
23 Noriko Ogawa 02:28 Amazon
24 Noriko Ogawa 01:45 Amazon
Descriptions automatiques
25 Noriko Ogawa 02:14 Amazon
26 Noriko Ogawa 02:00 Amazon
27 Noriko Ogawa 01:00 Amazon
Heures séculaires et instantanées
28 Noriko Ogawa 01:48 Amazon
29 Noriko Ogawa 00:54 Amazon
30 Noriko Ogawa 00:57 Amazon
31 Noriko Ogawa 02:06 Amazon
Les trois valses distinguées du précieux dégoûté
32 Noriko Ogawa 01:06 Amazon
33 Noriko Ogawa 01:28 Amazon
34 Noriko Ogawa 00:51 Amazon
35 Noriko Ogawa 05:23 Amazon
Trois Gymnopédies
36 Noriko Ogawa 03:32 Amazon
37 Noriko Ogawa 03:12 Amazon
38 Noriko Ogawa 03:19 Amazon
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