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The best way to find disgust in the existence (and therefore possible use) of the nuclear bomb is to listen to one detonate -- after all, the visual effect of that mushroom cloud can even be considered pretty. The loudness and sheer madness of the explosion and the raw power of the sound wave will scare your pants off. On this CD EP, JLIAT introduces recordings of four blasts from American tests between 1946 and 1958. Each track is about two and a half minutes long and follows the same scenario. First, listeners hear the world as it was a few seconds before the explosion; the airplane approaching and light wind are the only sounds present, nature itself remaining largely silent in anticipation. Then comes the blast, ear-shredding, panicking. After the initial shock wave, JLIAT steps in to elongate the blow, turn it into the sound source for a harsh noise piece. Merzbow never sounded this lethal. The fact that JLIAT released this album right around Halloween 2002, as UN inspectors were returning to Iraq and the whole world was waiting to see if the U.S. would make its war plans a reality, cannot be mere coincidence. Pressed on a black CD and packaged in black cardboard with acetate inserts giving the full details on the tests (three of them went wrong!), this album exists for you to listen, think, and act.

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