Monty Cantsin

Noise Bible

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Istvan Kantor, aka Monty Cantsin (or even Istvan Kantor Monty Cantsin? Amen!) took four years to create Noise Bible, a stunning (in the most physical sense) piece of work that allies extreme noise and powerful declamation of nihilist and anarchist texts. The best comparison would be Diamanda Galas' Plague Mass cycle, except that her organ and synthesizers are replaced by marching drums and noise. The CD comes packaged with a 70-page booklet of lyrics and texts about "neoism," a doctrine symbolized by a coat hanger. Cantsin integrates in his lyrics excerpts from speeches by Louis Lingg, a 19th Century anarchist sentenced to execution, Jim Jones (his final speech before the mass suicide of Jonestown), and Brother Walter (the voice in Steve Reich's "It's Gonna Rain"). All these words are provocative, visceral, and delivered with strength, conviction, and a light East European accent. Whenever he harangues, Cantsin backs his voice with a heavy beating of field drums. Instrumental pieces and transitions in longer speech works are usually made of thick masses of noise. Highlights include "Illegal Alien" and the highly disturbing "Last Sermon." The voice is either treated (some pieces come very close to what could only be termed as electro-acoustic core) or heard through a megaphone -- the album is subtitled "Selected Songs, Speeches, and Megaphony." "I'm Not Afraid to Burn" adds to the limited sound palette a sample of accordion. Coming so late on the album it sounds completely alien. Recommended for those who aren't afraid to be shaken up by lyrics filled with hatred and pessimism.

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