Noel Rosa

Noel Rosa

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Noel Rosa is one of the most important figures of Brazilian popular music. But unfortunately Brazil is not even close in producing keepers of its own rich tradition as it is in creating uncountable soulless fashionable trends.

Happily, there are exceptions, such this album dedicated to the memory of Noel Rosa, including an extremely rare recording by Rosa himself. The other cuts are all unpublished originals, enhancing the historic role of this document.

The result of a three-year project, it recreates successfully the atmosphere in which the songs were composed more than 50 years ago: the set of instruments, arrangements, interpretations, and general spirit are a faithful recuperation of those times. Through these cuts, one can travel through time, meeting Pixinguinha's orchestrations, Benedito Lacerda's regional, the Bando de Tangarás' sound, the violões of Henrique Brito, Noel Rosa, and Gorgulho, and the singing of Marília Batista. More than that, they can communicate immediately the ingenuity, the poetry, the malandragem, and the humor of one of Rio's best chroniclers of all time.