Nikki the Sprinkler/Borisite

Boris the Sprinkler

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Nikki the Sprinkler/Borisite Review

by Mike DaRonco

Here's an interesting concept for a split record: Take the lead singer of both bands, trade them in the recording studio, and have them butcher each other's previously released songs, lyrically. Points for originality. With Reverend Norb fronting the Parasites on one side, he adds his own touch of announcer-like vocals to the hysterical lyrics of "Old and Stupid" (originally titled "Young and Stupid") that go: "My doctor doesn't like the holes in my spleen/My urologist can't seem to float my wilted submarine/I got so bored I wrote a personal ad/It said, 'Go out with me, I might remind you of your f*cking dad.'" Points for a high-laugh factor. As for the Borisites side, Nikki Parasites tries his best Rev. Norb impression, but only ends up sounding like Nikki Parasite trying to do his best Rev. Norb. They at least cover Boris the Sprinkler's "Gimmie Gimmie Grape Juice" with the added lyricism of "Gimmie Gimmie Safe Zoo" (which tributes to Nikki's real problems of being attacked at a zoo). Overall, it's always great to see that bands can make fun of themselves and each other without any personal quarrels or lawsuits. People could learn a thing or two from this split.