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Nighty Night: Deep Soul in Dub

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Even by the standards of contemporary avant electronica and experimental dub, this is some weird, weird stuff. It's also tons of fun, especially if you're somewhere in your mid-thirties and steeped enough in middlebrow pop culture that you can recognize snippets of dialogue from the old Masterpiece Theatre series I, Claudius or the sound of the source tape from Steve Reich's "Come Out," or if you're a fan of the unique pygmy girl-choir sound of Zap Mama. But you don't have to know the secret handshakes to get a good solid kick out of these chilled-out, dubbed-up, and mixed-down reconceptualizations of raw material old and new. Whether it's Bugs Bunny's singing voice juxtaposed with ganja-fried Memphis soul or the smooth jazz saxophone of Grover Washington insinuating itself around the sound of Derek Jacoby debating the Roman senate, everything on this weird and wonderful album is going to take you by surprise, and most of it will also do a pretty good job of motorvating your booty. Highly recommended.