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A former deathcore drummer and then dubstep master, Tel Aviv DJ/producer Borgore (Asaf Borger) follows the reigning sounds of trap and EDM on #NewGoreOrder, a guilty-pleasure album that falls firmly in the category of "not the one you marry" with a slutty attitude ("Decisions, decisions/A pornstar or a family?") and layers of makeup (calling the song "Fame" doesn't even get how surface-minded the track is, even in its "Pretty Remix"). Still, all this pilfered power and store-bought glory is shamelessly trumpeted from the get-go as narrator Malcolm McDowell offers "Imagine a world as glorious as a Victoria's Secret fashion show" on the album's opening title cut, and as this dream unfolds throughout the album with excess (EDM anthem "Be Ourselves" offers "Let's get high/Let's get famous"), suped-up sex (dubstep wobbler "Last Year" goes "I'm not yet a father but your sister calls me daddy"), and woofer-ruining bass (everywhere), Borgore proves to be an insufferable snot, putting up the "Welcome to the Pleasuredome" sign and then kicking us all out for wearing the wrong shoes. Then there's "Decisions," where Borgore and Miley Cyrus act as the new era Sid and Nancy discovering the answer to the universe is "Bitches love cake," and while all of this suggests the DJ doesn't have Borgore fans as much as Borgore twinks, bottoms, and worshipers, to his credit, he rarely breaks character, and is entirely goofy when he does ("Ratchet" is a childlike singalong with edgy slang and bottomless bass drops). Love him or loathe him, either way, #NewGoreOrder is what it sounds like inside a club kid Caligula's mind. It must be.

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