Lisa Lynne Franco

New Morning

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It is very difficult to describe Lisa Lynne Franco's music without seeming maudlin or overly generous. The music on New Morning is so moving and so full of emotional and spiritual energy that mere words do not feel like enough. Mere words will, however, have to suffice. Franco composed ten of the 11 selections and, as always, she is the sole sound designer (arranger). Gil Morales co-produced. These acoustic ambient treasures are scintillating. Deep listeners will find themselves swaying gently and smiling warmly. Franco's Celtic harp strolls out of the speakers, embracing listeners and surrounding the room. The acoustic accompaniment weaves through, around, above, and below the harp. The atmospheres are comfortable and lazy. They stem from the acoustics and join the sweet melodies to form a gracious soundscape. The sound design is so intricate that it sounds simple. These pieces are stunning in their grace, charm, and style. Franco is at the top of her game. Artists who evoke similar emotional and spiritual responses are Thea Susaru, Constance Demby, Susan Craig Winsberg, and Dean Evenson.